Message to our Shareholders

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Dear Shareholders,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Horizons. This website will provide you an overview and resource as to why we strongly believe HZHI (OTC) could be one of the best investment opportunities of the next decade. We’re proud to share with you our Vision and Business Strategies as we continuing to report to you on our Company’s performance.

Our team is beginning on what we are calling "Project 1515". We plan to have a minimum of 15 resort properties under management with a 15% annualized return on our investments over the next five years. Further, our shareholders will be able to take advantage of a few unique programs that we will announce over the coming weeks and months. Please Contact Us if you would like information or updates on these programs and incentives as they become available.

Many smart investors are doing their homework; and we are thankful that you’re considering our Las Vegas, NV based company in your portfolio. We just finished our first on-site review of many great and not so great properties in Central America and will be launching our prospectus August 15, 2016. This prospectus qualifies under Rule 506c for interested U.S. investors and has all the information for international investors. While it is possible for anyone to participate in our public market as an investor, we advise all potential investors to consult with their financial advisers and determine if our company is an appropriate addition to your portfolio.

We would like to thank you for your time and consideration and look forward to recognizing this tremendous opportunity together. I strongly encourage you to sign up for our email updates and newsletter. If you are an Accredited Investor or are interested in joining other investors in the resort real estate market, ask to receiving a copy of our prospectus by completing the Contact Us form.


Brian Conrad

CEO | Horizons